BOND Men’s Intimate Wash is your one-of-a-kind souvenir from Thailand. 21/02/2020 – Posted in: ไม่มีหมวดหมู่

Among the many souvenirs from Thailand, the must-buy like no other is the world’s first Men’s Intimate Wash, BOND. Available at Boots, Watsons, and leading supermarkets nationwide.

The #1 brand in the market since 2005, BOND is an easy-to-buy gift at leading personal care stores like Boots, Watsons and Tops Markets and the airport. You can buy one for yourself, your friend or your partner. The good news is that a 75ml bottle is just 129 baht, making it super affordable !!!

Mental Cooler


  • Eliminate musty odor from sweat and dampness
  • Anti-bacteria
  • Cool and refreshing sensation after use
  • Sporty Scent making you manly and confident



  • The romantic, seductive fragrance. Approved by most partners!
  • Include Ginseng, proven to promote blood circulation
  • Warm gel creates a unique, sensational washing experience
  • Anti-bacteria, keeping you comfy all day long


  • Experience the ultimate pampering and nourishment with a unique blend of Vitamin B3, Moisture-24 & Glycerin.
  • Subtle yet long-lasting scent
  • Developed for sensitive and delicate skin

So, don’t miss this unique and one-of-a-kind product when you are in Thailand. Contact us if you need more information!

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